Can your Fingernails warn you about serious health issues?


Fingernails and toenails are basically made of Keratin protein. The same protein that our body uses to build our hair and skin. The visible nail part is basically made of dead cells of keratin protein that is why when cutting our nails, it doesn't hurt like our hair.

Fingernails act as an indicator of health issues.

We have often noticed that when we visit a doctor he or she examines our fingernails. Do you know why?

We may wonder why our nails are been examined when we are not facing any nails related issues.
Actually, many of us are unaware of the fact that our nails are a great indicator of many of our health issues. The human body is like a machine but it's a special machine that doesn't shut down all of a sudden without giving any hints or indications. 

Our body always gives us some indications to make us understand that it is facing some major deficiency to function properly. In this manner, our nails act as a major agent to indicate various health conditions.

Fingernails are also referred to as a barometer of our health. The human body is made in such a way that what we see on the outside of our body is generally the reflection that is going on inside the body.

Our fingernails often change their colour, texture or shape. These changes are the reflection of the health conditions of an individual, which may be due to underlying diseases.

Although every change that we see may not be due to some kind of health issue. Old age is one of the factors which can also cause nails to become dry and brittle due to loss of moisture. Some drugs may also cause the change of colour of nails, chemotherapy is also an agent that alters the nail colour.

Let us have a look at how our fingernails can reflect our health condition.

Change in texture

  1. If our nails' growth is slow, nails are dry, brittle and break easily it may be due to the deficiency of vitamin A, biotin, essential fatty acids and moisture. Nails can also become thicker due to a lack of iron or zinc.
  2. If your nails are too soft this may be due to the deficiency of keratin protein. Frequent exposure to water also results in softening nails.

Change in colour.

Healthy fingernails should be pink in colour. And if our nails change their colour to yellow, green, blue, white, red, purple or brown, it may indicate some underlying health issues.

So let's see in detail how our fingernail colour can determine our health conditions: 

  1. Green nails: Green nails are caused by allergies from bacterial or fungal infection or from using cleansing agents. Nails may also return green due to a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream.
  2. Blue nails: Blue nails may indicate a cardiac-related condition or may also indicate iron deficiency that is anaemia. Critical diseases like pulmonary obstruction, lung disease may also be the reason behind blue nails.
  3. Yellow nail: Yellow nails can be found in patients with chronic bronchiectasis or sinusitis, immunodeficiency syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Yellow nails can also be the result of jaundice, diabetes mellitus, median/ulnar nerve injury.
  4. White nails: White nails may be an indicator of anaemia, vascular condition, renal failure, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis or chemotherapy.
  5. Red nails: Red nails may indicate malnutrition.
  6. Purple nails: Purple nails are may be due to deprivation of Oxygen and circulatory problems.
  7. Brown nails: Brown nails may indicate nicotine staining due to smoking. Reddish-brown can indicate a deficiency of iron,  protein or Vitamin C.

Conclusion :

So our nails indicate our health status. There are many factors that determine the changes in colour, texture and shape of the fingernails.

Nutritional imbalances, trauma, heredity and several diseases may be indicated by the changes in the nails. However heat, moisture, coldness and dryness may also cause nails to change. Too much dryness may result in too hard and brittle nails. Again excess moisture may result in weakness of nails.

A well-balanced diet consisting of all the essential vitamins and minerals, adequate water intake, sleep, fresh air, exercise and excretion of toxic products from our body helps to form a healthy mind and healthy body.

So that's all for today, hope you like this little information and please share it with your friends and family. And if you have any suggestions, don't forget to drop them in the comment box below.

Thank you.

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