How to treat Delayed Period with Ayurveda.


Every girl starts their period at an average age of 12 years and then onwards they have their periods every 28 days. The length of the menstrual cycle differs from woman to woman. The normal menstrual cycle is considered to be from 21 to 40 days. If the period doesn't occur within these days, it could be because of several reasons like stress, body weight, obesity, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), birth control, chronic diseases, early menopause and other health issues.

There may be several reasons, pregnancy is the most common reason for missed periods further. You may also experience amenorrhea, which means lack of period or mensuration, continuously for two or three months. But according to Ayurveda, the root cause behind the delayed period is ama. Ama is a toxic substance that looks like mucus and is sticky in nature.

When this Ama reaches the ovary it blocks all the channels of the ovary and acts as a barrier to the growth of the ovary. As the ovary cannot grow properly, it delays the ovulation too. Timely ovulation is very essential for a regular period. If ovulation is not regular then it will also affect the period. Sometimes the ovulation stops completely and then in such cases medications are needed for having a period.

How to get period regularly.

If you want to treat the problem of having irregular or delayed periods, it is necessary to destroy or remove the toxic substance ama from your body.

Health issues related to delayed periods.

Many women ignore the problem of delayed periods but do you know that if you ignore this problem you may experience some serious health issues.

1. Weight gain: In every woman's life, the period is considered as a monthly detox and when the periods stop it becomes difficult to remove the toxic materials from the body and as a result, the toxic material got accumulated in the body. It also decreases the metabolism rate in the body and due to which the body starts to gain weight. And this weight is very stubborn and it is very difficult to lose.

2. PCOD: As the eggs cannot grow properly, these remain immature and these immature eggs start to accumulate in the ovary every month. Likewise, many immature eggs start to accumulate in the ovary and as a result, the size of the ovary increases which is also called bulky ovaries and ultimately this is called PCOD. So PCOD is one of the most dangerous side effects of delayed periods.

3. Infertility: As we know that because of delayed periods ovulation can not take place at the proper time and the growth of the eggs are also affected adversely which ultimately rises the problem of hormonal imbalance in the body and the internal lining of the uterus also cannot develop in a healthy way which ultimately causes infertility.

The delayed period can also cause many other health issues which can create hindrance in your day to day life. Problems like low energy, lethargy, skin darkening, acne and excessive hair loss.

How to get rid of the delayed periods?

Generally, women consult a local gynecologist to treat the problem of delayed periods and get prescribed hormonal medications. But research shows that these hormonal pills work only for a short duration and as soon as you stop taking these hormonal pills the problem of delayed periods becomes more aggressive. Again these hormonal pills are not free from side effects. Side effects like weight gain, mood swings, infertility, irritability, excessive hair loss, acne problems and so on.

The best solution for delayed periods.

The best, effective and safe solution for delayed periods can be found in Ayurveda. The cause, symptoms and treatment of the delayed period are discussed in detail in the book Charak Samhita. You can easily find this book on any online store like Amazon.

According to Ayurveda

Shuddhi + Shakti= Treatment of delayed periods.

In the first process that is Shuddhi, the Ama in the ovaries is being removed.

In the next process that is Shakti, the digestion and the basic function of the ovary are being boosted.

To treat delayed periods some herbs are being used in Ayurveda those herbs are Kumari, Jeeraka, Haritaki, Pippali and Dashmool and these are very effective and safe too. These herbs are mentioned in Charak Samitha by Acharya Charak and the mixture of these herbs is very effective for delayed periods. You may also find various ayurvedic medicines with the composition of such herbs to treat delayed periods.

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