Easy but effective Home Quarantine workouts to increase immunity


We all know that the whole world is facing a medical emergency because of the widespread of a destructive virus. The virus is spreading like a wildfire all over the world killing thousands of people.
The world is now facing a war with a deadly virus. The virus has sickened more than 3,66,880 people in 194 nations of the world.

The governments of all the countries are taking various precautionary measures to stop the virus from further spreading.

The gyms, which are an important place to stay healthy were being closed, it has really made people worried. But it was essential to close gyms as gyms are one of the places where the virus can be transmitted the most.

Again we also cannot ignore the benefits of regular exercise. Regular exercise keeps you healthy during this challenging, pandemic. Regular exercise strengthens the immune function and helps to fight with the deadly virus. Stronger immunity is one of the strong weapons against this virus.
Your good health is in your hands. So take control of your health by including regular exercise in your daily plan.

You should at least aim to spend 30 minutes of your day in cardiovascular activity or workout. It will not only burn extra calories and help you lose weight but it will also strengthen your immune system.

Let see how you can keep yourself healthy during the self-quarantine period.

Stand up and squats:- 

Squats are one of the easiest and very beneficial exercises to lose weight and also strengthen your bones and muscles. The benefits of squats are many. Squats can be performed anywhere. Wondering how?
Next time while watching T.V. shows don’t just lie on the couch and keep staring at the T.V screen. Stand up and start squatting. It will be fun. You can watch your favorite T.V. shows and at the same time burn some extra calories too.

Heel raise:-

Do you know you can do a workout while washing your dishes? Yes, you heard right. While washing your dishes, don’t concentrate only on the dishes, put some attention on your legs especially on your calves muscles. Do some heel raises while washing your dishes. You can also try heel raise during cooking too.

Washcloth and perform lunges:-

Keep your clothes in the washing machine and let the machine do it work. Now you can use this time to do some sets of lunges. Sound interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, try some lunges you will feel awesome.  Further, you can turn on some music and perform Zumba dance. You can include your partner and children too. You will end up spending some quality time with your family as well as stay fit.

Proper use of stairs:-

Do you know the stairs are not only for going up or down? Yes, you can perform interesting workouts on your stairs too. Perform some step-up exercises at least 3 sets of 25 repetitions. It will boost your metabolism and also burn extra calories.

Play and workout:-

You can give company to your child by playing with them. Switch to games like jumping and skipping. Jumping and skipping are the best workouts to maintain weight.

These are some of the simple and easy workouts that you can perform while performing your household works.

Stay at home and perform these acts, you can lose weight as well as boost your immune system with these exercises.

It’s a challenging time for every one of us and despite all the efforts, the challenge is increasing with every passing day. So stay at home.

Stay fit and do share it with our friends and family.
Thank you.

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