6 High-risk Side Effects Of Green Tea

side effects of green tea
Green tea is a very popular beverage among most of the population. Almost every one of us aware of the benefits of green tea. Isn’t it?

Let’s find out some amazing facts about green tea.

Green tea is made from a plant name CAMELLIA SINENSIS. All the other ordinary tea, black tea, etc that we consume is made up of Camellia Sinensis. Basically, leaves of Camellia Sinensis are dried up and undergoes various processes such as oxidation, fermentation to form a different variety of tea. Different tea goes through different processes. Generally, green tea is obtained by the oxidation process.

Today we are going to talk about the 6 high-risk side effects of green tea but at first, let’s give a look at the benefits of green tea.

Green tea is considered a miracle in losing weight. Green contains CATECHIN which is rich in antioxidants. The presence of CATECHIN in green tea helps in building strong immunity. Green tea is good for kidney, heart, skin etc. It is good for decreasing bad cholesterol levels. Green tea is believed to lower the risk of cancer particularly breast cancer. Green tea is also good for diabetic patients.                

Today advertising industries are bringing forward a number of brands of green tea and trying their level best to prove their brand the best among others. They give their 100% to convince their audience that consuming green tea of their brand will make you slim within a short period. But is it true?

Funny thing is that we people get so much overwhelmed by the benefits of green tea that we start to think to drink it like the whole day. But is it good to consume too much green tea?

No, we all know that excess of anything is bad. Therefore excess consumption of green tea is also harmful. Well, now let’s talk about the side effects of green tea.

There is a saying that EVERY LIGHT HAS ITS SHADOW, in the same way, green tea which has so many benefits, is not free from some side effects. So let’s find out the side effects of green tea.


  1. Before adding green tea in your diet check your hemoglobin level. People with a low level of hemoglobin that is below 10-11 should totally avoid green tea because it can cause iron deficiency leading to anemia.

  2. Green tea is not suitable for people with high blood pressure or hypertension because the consumption of green tea increases the pulse rate and metabolism. High pulse rate or high metabolism is not safe for people with high blood pressure.

  3. High doses of caffeine are found in green tea which results in various issues like insomnia, frequent urination, diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, etc.

  4. Green tea also causes harm if it is consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Excess consumption of green tea during pregnancy may lead to miscarriages so it is better to totally avoid the consumption of green tea during pregnancy.

  5. Side effects of green tea vary from blood group to blood group. Generally in  O+ or O- people, the level of stomach acid is high, so it is advised that people of such groups should not consume more than 2 cups of green tea in a day otherwise they will suffer from acidity and heartburn. People with A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB- have less stomach acid as compared to the O group so they can consume 3-4 cups per day.

  6. Green tea should never be consumed in an empty stomach because it increases the acidity and heartburn. Green tea should only be consumed 1 hour before or 1 hour after the meal.

So these are some major side effects of green tea. But these side effects can be minimized by consuming it wisely. If green tea is consumed in a proper way and at the proper time, taking all other health conditions into consideration it will definitely prove to be a miracle.

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