Love handles: how to get rid of it?

Love handles! how to get rid of it?

Love handles! how to get rid of it? It is the most asked question by many people who are suffering from this extra body mass. So, what is  Love handle? Or do you have any idea about love handles meaning? Here in this article, I am going to discuss love handles meaning, how to get rid of love handles and exercises for love handles. So stay with us…

First, let’s discuss love handles meaning.
Basically, love handles describe the excess fats on the side of our waist i.e. in your obliques. Love handles are common to both men and women. This love handles exists as a result of physiological or genetic factors. Nowadays it’s a common problem with every other people who are engaged in such jobs which demand sitting for a long period of time such as jobs in IT sectors.

How to get rid of handles?

Though these excess fats on the waistline bear the name ‘love handle', but in reality, it is the most annoying thing and no one is really in love with their love handles.

Doesn’t the name ‘love handles’ seems cute to you? But do you love them? Not at all, right?
Let’s  find out the ways how to get rid of love handles, 
Keep going…
The first answer to the question of how to get rid of love handles is-
Switching to a healthy diet. A healthy diet is a key to leading a healthy life.
Now you are maybe thinking what is a healthy diet? Don’t worry! Just note down the following points and you can lead a healthy and happy life.

Cut off all the extra sugars


Avoiding extra sugar from your diet helps you a lot to get rid of love handles because when we eat food loaded with extra sugars like sweets, cookies, candies, drinks our body deposits it as fats which are harmful to us. The fat amount generally deposits, particularly in the belly area. Dumping extra sugar can reduce the problem of love handles.

Consume good fats

Study shows that people who consume good fats are less likely to have love handles than people who consume more bad fats. Consuming nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts, cashew can help to get a slim waistline. Foods rich in fiber are avocado, olive oil, etc can be taken for getting a slimmer waist.

Switch to fiber-rich fruits and vegetables

Food items rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits are the best ways to get rid of love handles. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables keep you full for a longer period which helps you keep away from cravings. Fiber-rich foods help in decreasing the calorie intake and thus enabling to maintain a healthy weight.

Increasing the amount of protein intake 

Boosting your protein intake helps to get rid of love handles. For an average sedentary man 56gram of protein is needed per day and for an average sedentary woman 46gram of protein is needed per day. So, upgrading the protein intake by taking meats, milk, egg, nuts, seeds will not only help in strengthening your bones and muscles but also helps to get rid of love handles.
Note: Don't overdose on protein intake otherwise you will suffer from other side effects.

Avoid sitting for a longer period

Don’t forget to stroll around every 30 minutes. The best way is to set an alarm clock and walk a few steps after every 30minutes. Sitting at a stretch for a long hour is also a cause for love handles, so take a walk in regular intervals which will help you to decrease the love handles.

Sleep for 7-8 hours

Without a proper amount of sleep, our body cannot function in a normal manner. Sleep is a crucial factor in maintaining weight. Less amount of sleep is the cause of various problems like weight gain or weight loss, stress, depressions, and many others. A  normal person must sleep for 7-8 hours daily. Research shows that people who sleep less weighed more and have belly fats.  Getting enough sleep will also help to get rid of love handles.

Workouts for love handles


Workouts are an important part of a healthy life. To maintain a healthy and decent lifestyle workout has become a vital part. Workouts are again of various categories – cardio, HIIT workouts, weight training, etc. Let’s discuss this in detail…

  1. Cardio-  Cardio is any form of exercise that increases the rate o heartbeat. Cardio is proved to be very helpful in losing excess weight. When we perform cardio our body reaches the level of higher blood circulation and a higher rate of fat burn. Cardio increases muscle strength and helps to maintain weight. Love handles can be reduced by performing a regular cardio workout. An activity like walking, running, cycling, jumping, swimming, skipping all falls under cardio workouts. These cardio activities will help you maintain a healthy weight and will keep you away from those annoying fats on obliques or love handles.
  2. HIIT Workouts- Sometimes the stubborn fat on the side of your belly doesn’t change much after doing cardio such as running or jumping. In order to get rid of the stubborn fat, you need to switch to HIIT WORKOUTS. HIIT WORKOUTS generally refers to high intensity work out. People who are heavy and had lots of fat should perform HIIT WORKOUTS two to three times a week. HIIT WORKOUTS are done usually for a short duration like for 8-10 minutes. Though HIIT WORKOUTS are short they are very effective and burns a lot of extra fat. A list of HIIT WORKOUT is given below:-
  1. High knees- 45 sec
  2. Jumping jacks- 45 sec
  3. Cross run- 30 sec
  4. Lying leg raise- 30 sec
  5. Jumping squats- 45 sec
  6. Full crunches- 30 sec
  7. Bunny hops- 45 sec
  8. Russian twist- 30 sec
  9. Skipping- 45 sec
  10. Lying hip twisting- 30 sec
  11. Fire feet- 45 sec
These above workouts can be done 2-3times in a week. You can see a significant change if you do this workout regularly. This will help you to say goodbye to all the extra fat and maintain a good figure or physique. HIIT Workouts are seen to be very effective in losing weight. It burns a lot of extra calories. Eat clean and perform these workouts and you can easily get rid of love handles.

Weight training

There are lots of myths about weight training. Many people raise many questions about weight training. Will lifting weight can make a woman bulky like men? If I Lift heavyweight will I lose my muscle? Does lifting weight cause harm to the joint? The answer to all this question is simply "No". Lifting weight is totally safe if it is performed under proper guidance, by taking all the safety measures and by keeping in mind the correct postures and procedures. Weight training is very important for losing love handles because with cardio and HIIT workouts you can lose the fats on the abdominal areas but you cannot get a toned abs muscles without weight training.

Should we have to join the gym for weight training?

Are we not able to get toned abs at home? Stop worrying, you can get toned abs at home by simply using a dumbbell. You must be thinking, how to do that? Let’s see…

  • Russian twist- You can perform the Russian twist which is an amazing workout for abs muscles. Sit on your butt and bend your knees. Lean back slightly so that your legs and torso make a V shape. Hold a dumbbell with your two hands. Now lift your feet above the ground and start twisting from one side to another without moving your legs. Do this workout  20 reps(repetitions) in 3-4 sets. It will help you lose your love handles and tone your abs muscles. 
  • Woodchopper- Woodchopper is a wonderful workout for the side fats. Performing this workout will help you lose your love handles. All you need, to do this exercise is a dumbbell. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell with both your hands. Twist your torso to the side and lift the dumbbell across the body and by keeping your arms straight. Crouch until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight. Your core muscle should be fully we engaged while performing the exercise and your core muscles are responsible for controlling your movement. Perform 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.
If you don't have dumbbells at you can easily grab a pair from any store or online store.             
  • Kettlebell Swing- Kettlebell swing is another exercise that shows an amazing result in getting rid of love handles. Stand with your feets shoulder-width apart. Put the kettlebell on the ground between your legs. Slightly bend your knees and grasp the kettlebell. Move it back between your legs and then straighten your back and move the kettlebell to your shoulder level. Do this exercise 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetition. If you are wondering where to find a kettlebell. You can grab it in from any store.            
These are some of the workouts by performing which you can easily get rid of the stubborn belly fats or the love handles.

Now the question arises whether there is any difference between "love handles workouts for men" and "love handles workout for women"?
No, basically there is no such difference between "love handles workout for men" and "love handles workout for women". For both, love handles are the same and so their workouts are also the same. By performing cardio, HIIT workout and weight training anyone, irrespective of their gender can say goodbye to the most disliked love handles.
Hope you find our article useful. Make us know in the comments if you like our article and if you find it useful and informative do share it with your friends and family members.

Stay healthy and happy.
Thank you.

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