9 Shocking Side effects of protein powder.

9 Shocking Side effects of protein powder

Protein powder or protein supplement is a  very common term for gym-goers. Those who are interested in bodybuilding, protein powder is an extremely important dietary supplement.

Protein powder is considered as a popular nutritional supplement. Protein is an important macronutrient that supports building muscles, repair tissues, etc. Protein powder may promote weight loss.

There are many several categories of protein powder, comprising dairy-based and plant-based protein powders.

Now you may have heard that protein powders are totally safe. Isn’t it?
But today you will be surprised to know the shocking side effects of protein powder. Today in this article we will share the hidden side effects of protein powder about which you are maybe uninformed.

So here are some points about the side effects of protein powder which you must know before adding protein powder in your diet.


  1. KIDNEY DISORDER- Excess consumption of protein powder may cause harm to your kidney. Today’s youth are becoming crazy to build muscles and in such craze, they begin to take protein powder above optimal quantity. They think that a high intake of protein powder can help them build large muscles in a short period. And in this way, they end up damaging their kidney. So it is advised that before taking protein powder you should consult with an expert nutritionist.

  2. HEART HAZARD- Too much intake of protein powder can result in severe heart issues. Study shows that excess consumption of protein powder increases the pulse rate which directly attracts heart problems. Protein powder is not a child game and it should be consumed in the right amount.

  3. KETOSIS DEVELOPMENT- Generally, ketosis takes place when abnormal numbers of ketones build up in the body. When you switch to the keto diet or low carb diet and start consuming a high protein, your body starts burning fats to produce energy and when there is no fat left, the body uses the protein to carry its same function. This process puts a lot of extra work on the liver. The liver may not be able to bear such extra and excess workload and may result in many dysfunctions.

  4. DESTABILIZING THE GUT BACTERIA-  Consumption of excess protein powder again may lead to destabilizing the gut bacteria. Lactoferrin, an antibacterial compound that is present in protein powder causes numerous issues and stomach upsets. These disturbances take place in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract.

  5. EXCESS FAT GAIN- Gaining weight in the form of fat is not a healthy option and you are not going to the gym to gain fat, isn’t it? But do you know excess consumption of protein powder can lead to weight gain? Some protein powder has extra carbs in the form of sugar and may even contain fats. When your workout regimen doesn’t match up with your protein consumption, the extra calories or the unutilized calories get converted into fats. And day after day these fats result in weight gain in the form of fats, which you were definitely not looking for.

  6. WEAKNESS AND FATIGUE- Most of the people who consume protein powder suffer from weakness and fatigue. This may be due to digestive issues. Some people’s body fails to break down too much quantity of protein leading to acidity and bloating in the stomach. This is the cause why one may feel weak and fatigue while consuming protein powder.

  7. BLOOD PRESSURE ISSUES- Study shows that a high intake of protein powder can decrease the blood pressure of an individual. It may sound good to someone dealing with high blood pressure but it is risky as it can lower the blood pressure to an alarming level.

  8. HORMONAL IMBALANCE- It is seen that a high intake of protein powder causes hormonal imbalance leading to various severe health issues like erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, enlarged breast in men, miscarriage, newborn defects, acne problem and hair loss etc

  9. CAUSE DEHYDRATION- High protein intake and high protein diet cause dehydration. So it is advised to drink a lot of water when you consume high protein.


Protein is an essential nutrient and it is very important for building strong bones and muscles. It is the building block of life but consuming it in a wrong way may cause serious health hazards. So it will be best if you consume it by consulting with experts. They can only suggest you the right proportion which will not cause any severe side effect.

Are you taking any protein powder or protein supplements?
Have you ever encountered any such side effects?
Make us know in our comment section.

Till then, Stay healthy .
Thank you.

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