6 Easiest Tips on How to Overcome Stress

how to overcome stress
How to overcome stress


Psychological stress can be defined as a feeling of pain psychologically. Here in this article, we will talk about:-
  • Causes of stress,
  • 6 Easiest Tips on How to overcome stress.
Psychological stress is primarily the negative thoughts or conflicts of thoughts or thoughts that raised from the adverse external environment. Basically, we fight inside our minds to come up with a positive solution or result.

Little psychological stress is not harmful to your body. It actually benefits us in many ways like motivating us, getting serious about something and even perform better.

Hans Selye, a Hungarian endocrinologist, proposed the idea of four variations of stress:-
  1. Good stress (Eustress).
  2. Bad stress (Distress).
  3. Over-stress (Hyperstress).
  4. Under-stress (Hypostress).

He proposed that one should maintain a balance between all the last three mentioned stresses to find oneself in Eustress.

Causes of stress

Stress is actually natural. But its danger depends on the degree of response. I will explain this with an example.
Let, a person be X, and he/she lost something very special. Now the degree of response comes to play. Now, if person X mourns over it for 15 to 20 days or maybe a month, it fairly comes under a normal degree of response.
But if the person takes it to more than 2 months or more with no sign of getting over it then it comes under bad stress or distress.

Overthinking is also one of the major causes of stress. And it is very commonly found in many persons nowadays.

And the most important cause of stress is generally due to work life. People nowadays have so much hectic lifestyle that they forget to enjoy their life.

Actually, what happens, when you feel stressed, your body releases a hormone, name Cortisol which helps your body to deal with the condition.  But if the Cortisol level is high for a long period of time, it actually affects our body negatively. It can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes and many more.

How to overcome stress.

how to overcome stress

A common term that we come across almost every day is stress management.

Actually, the word stress management sounds ironic because in our lives we manage things which are precious for us like wealth, family, health but is stress precious? Why do we need to manage stress?

Stress is actually the result of our inability to control our minds or manage our energy and emotions.

Stress is caused by several factors either external or internal. We are covered by so many problems or tension related to losing a job, relationships, work, bills, education that we became stressful and it's totally natural.

So today let's talk about how to relieve or overcome stress.

Here are 6 Easiest Tips on How to overcome stress:-

The first and foremost way to overcome stress is to improve the quality of sleep. Sleep is a very strong stress reducer. Sleep regulates mood, restores energy and improves our thinking and problem-solving abilities. Without proper sleep, our body and mind cannot function well. Our brain becomes incapable to control emotion and energy. Lack of sleep reduces energy, lessens concentration and increases mental unevenness which gives rise to stress and anxiety. Scarcity of sleep make us disturbed and we create difficulty in relationships or job. So sleep is an essential weapon to fight stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise
Exercise or physical activity solves almost 80% of the problems in our lives. Exercise is an excellent strategy to relieve stress. You may be thinking stress is related to the mind then how physical activity helps to overcome stress.

Stress is not only related to the brain but the impact of stress can be felt in the rest of the body. Exercise or physical activity is considered a vital part of reducing stress. Exercise helps in reducing fatigue, improves concentration and strengthening cognitive function. Physical Activity or exercise also decreases the level of tension, builds confidence and stimulates the anti-anxiety effect.

 When we exercise our brain releases a hormone called endorphins which act as a natural painkiller and improve sleep. Meditation, massage therapy is also seen to produce endorphins.
  • Eat healthily
When we talk about stress and management of stress, most often things like yoga, meditation, exercise strike our mind, isn’t it?

But have you ever thought that a healthy diet or a balanced diet can help you in reducing the effect of stress?

According to research, it is seen that eating a balanced diet is key to keep our body and mind strong. A healthy diet helps the brain to cope with the psychological changes that arise due to stress.

Here are a few points to remember related to a healthy balanced diet to overcome stress-

  • To overcome stress start your day with a balanced and healthy diet. Don’t forget to have breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. You can have oats, multigrain roti, Dalia in your breakfast as these are healthy and easy to cook.

  • Increase your protein intake. The stressed body always has an increased demand for protein-rich food. You can have chicken, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, lentils. Avoid artificial supplements.

  • Avoid bad fats such as fried foods, baked foods and processed snacks which are a high source of trans fats. Further saturated fats like butter, cheese, refined oil should be kept away. These bad fats can be replaced by good fats. Bad fats are the source of high cholesterol which can also cause an imbalance in the body causing stress.

  • Check on your caffeine consumption. Tea and coffee may stimulate energy in your body and relax your mind but excess intake of tea such as green tea, black tea or coffee may cause insomnia, which will increase the level of stress.

  • Accept yourself as you are
Most of us start taking stress when we can’t do a thing perfectly. We always try to prove our self best in front of others and this is another cause of stress. Accept yourself as you are.
Don’t take stress in order to prove yourself best. No one is perfect in this world and everyone is not capable of doing everything perfectly no matter how hard you try.
So go easy on yourself and stop thinking too much. Enjoy your life and relax.
  • Share your problem
If something is bothering you or if you are disturbed about something, try sharing your problem with someone who is close to you. Talk about your problem with your friends, family members, doctors or therapist. You can also try to talk to yourself which we called self-talk. Sharing your problem with someone can help you feel light, you can also find the solution from your near and dear ones.  So don’t keep your problem to yourself and share it with a trusted person. A simple talk can save your life, so do share.
  • Take a break
A break from your monotonous life is important. A break can help you fight with stress. You need to plan a break to give your mind quality time to relax. You can go on vacation, spend time with nature or you may try to do something that makes you happy as it will help relieve stress. You can try relaxing hobbies like reading, singing, painting, playing cards or video games, knitting, cooking, gardening and so on. You can also try spending some time with your pet, playing with a pet is relaxing and enjoyable and a good option to reduce stress and anxiety.


Psychological Stress has become a part of everyone’s life. Most of us are stressed either with our personal life or professional life. There are many adverse results of stress that we can see almost daily. An increase in suicides is one of the adverse outcomes of stress.

But is it right to harm yourself?

We can get rid of anything and everything if we try. So follow the above ideas to relieve stress and stay happy always.

Always remember every problem has a solution, try to find it but don’t take too much stress.

Make us know how you find our article.

Do share and help others to overcome stress.

Stay healthy.

Thank you.

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