All you need to know about squat exercise and squats benefits

Squat exercise

Squat exercise and squats benefits

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Most of you are familiar with the word squat or squat exercise. Today let's talk something in-depth about squat exercise.
So let's start...

What is the squat exercise?

The squat exercise is basically a lower body workout that mainly targets the muscles in the thighs  (quadriceps and hamstring) and the glutes. Squat exercise plays a significant role in strengthening the lower body.

Squats Benefits

There are so many squats benefits. Here we are pointing out some key benefits of doing squat exercise.

1. Squat exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower body.

Your lower body carries out a lot of functions throughout the day. From sunrise to sunset, from standing or sitting to walking or running your body's lower muscle is responsible for taking out all these activities. Squat exercise strengthens and tones the muscle of your lower body. Squat exercise enables the normal function of these muscles by keeping them healthy.

2. Squats' benefits include the burning of calories.

There is a major role of squat exercise in burning fats and calories and maintaining weight. High-intensity squat exercise burns approximately 150 calories in 10 minutes.

3. Squat exercise strengthens your core muscles.

Squats benefits can also be felt in the core muscles. When you go from a standing position to a squat position during a squat exercise, your abs build up tension in the lower part of your abdomen. This tension is seen to be very effective in strengthening your core and abs.

So, after knowing the benefits of the squat, you may wanna know how to do squat exercise?

Now let's see the appropriate squat position step by step:

Squats steps

  1. Stand straight with your head facing forward.
  2. Keep your chest up.
  3. Your feet should be shoulder apart and your toes should be pointing forward.
  4. Your hands should be extended straight in front of you.
  5. Now slowly go downwards and sit back as you are sitting on an imaginary chair.
  6. Keep your lower back in an arch position as you go down.
  7. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor.
  8. Your body should be tight as you push through the heels and come back to the starting position.
Further, there are a variety of squat exercises. We will come forward with the varieties of squat exercises in our upcoming articles. Till then do comment on how you liked our article. Don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

Stay healthy!!!

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