Rice or chapati : Which diet is better for weight loss?

Rice and Chapati(Roti)
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As we all know that chapati(roti) and rice both are an important part of the Indian diet. But still, people are confused with which one is better.

Both chapati and rice are the same in the account of calorie count and they are a high source of carbohydrates. Though rich in carbohydrates differ in nutritional values.

Chapati is rich in fibre and protein. Chapati is loaded with complex carbohydrates and takes time to digest which keeps the stomach full for a longer period of time.

Rice generally digests faster as compared to chapati because it contains starch. Starch is a simple carbohydrate. The nutritional value of fibre in rice is negligible.

Now, about carbohydrates, how it is related to weight gain or weight loss. We know that weight gain generally occurs due to the deposition of excess fats in our body, then where is the role of carbs? To understand the role of carbs in weight gain or weight loss, we have to understand a process called Glycogenesis.

Glycogenesis is the process in which the carbohydrates molecules are broken down in smaller molecules called glucose, in our body and the unused or excess glucose is converted into lipids and then into fats and stored in our body for future use. And hence the weight gain.

Now back to our topic and talking about micronutrients, chapati is better than rice.

Should we stop eating rice completely?

No, you don't have to avoid rice. Yes, you can have it but in a moderate amount. Though it becomes a little difficult to control the portion of rice. You can easily choose one chapati or two chapatis but choosing rice is problematic.

So for losing weight chapati is a better option.

For weight loss you can make the following changes:

  1. You can have multigrain chapati by mixing grains or millets.
  2. You can replace white rice with red, black or brown rice.
  3. Include vegetables with both rice and chapati as they are a very good source of antioxidants and fibre.
  4. Add pulses and curd, also don't forget to take ghee.
  5. Eat jaggery after your meal. It activates your digestive enzymes.

A balanced diet for weight loss

What is the right time to have chapati and rice?

You can eat roti(chapati)  in breakfast, lunch and dinner but if you have taken 2-3 chapati in lunch then try to include an only half portion in your dinner.
Avoid rice at dinner.
Good time to have rice is lunch.

So you don't have to avoid either rice or chapati. Include both in your diet. Just remember have it on the right time and the right way.

Thank you.

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