Difference between male and female workout routine

difference-between-male-and-female-workout- routine
Difference between male and female workout routine

Difference between male and female workout routines.

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There is always a question in your mind whether there a difference between male and female workout routines.
The answer to your question is technically no. There is no basic difference between male and female workout routines. But the difference lies in individual preference. Females generally prefer to look slim and fit without losing their feminine structure whereas men usually focus on bulky muscles and strength. Technically there are no "workout routines for males" or "workout routines for females" - there are just workout routines.

Ever wondered why a male can do more push-ups than females? Is there any difference between male and female strength?

Yes, there is a difference in male and female strength.
Let us explain, so keep going...
A girl and a boy can have the same strength in childhood or in many cases, the girl is stronger. But after puberty, the boy becomes much stronger and an adult man is significantly stronger than a woman. It is widely known that an average man is stronger than a woman. The difference is because of the amount of muscle in men's bodies. Muscles in men's bodies are generally larger and have maximum power as compared to women.

Science has long acknowledged the difference in muscle mass and body fat for males and females. It was found that men's muscle mass is more than women's muscle mass and the maximum mass is in the upper body of men. The study also confirmed that men's muscle mass is higher in the upper body while women's muscle mass is proportionally greater in the lower body. As the upper body of males is stronger than women, the male can do more push-ups than the female.

American Council of Exercise notes that the amount of essential body fats for survival in a woman is 10℅ to 13℅ while for a man is only 2℅ to 3℅.

Now, the question arises, should men and women train differently?
The answer to this timeless question can be simply no!
Hard to believe, right???

Yes, women don't have to train differently than men. The training is approximately 90℅ the same. The remaining 10℅ is based on personal goals. I personally believe that most women do not have a desire for a thick, large muscular body. An average woman just wants to train without losing femininity. Whereas most men aim for a thick muscular body.

Many women readers out there may think that lifting weight will make you look like a man, am I right???

One of the biggest misconceptions of the weight lifting world is that lifting weight will make women look like men. Women have 10 times less testosterone than men. Building heavy and big muscle is totally dependent on the amount of testosterone. Unless and until women are taking synthetic testosterone, they will not be able to build large muscles like men.

So ladies stop being afraid of lifting heavyweight. Lifting heavy weight will make your bones and muscles stronger than average women who don't lift heavyweight. Look for the weight that will work your muscles to fatigue, which means you can't continue the movement without losing form. Stay determined and you will be smiling hours later, knowing your muscles are getting stronger.

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